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Rick van Kemenade


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Rick was a member of several small committees within student association Thor and decided that he wanted to be part of a bigger project. His love for travel led him to join the new study tour committee, where he was named chairman. Rick is fascinated by everything that is Japanese and canít wait to explore the country and its industry with a large group of student. His main goal is to deliver participants a valuable experience that wonít soon be forgotten, and to learn from the organizing process. With the amount of effort and dedication Rick puts into the project, nothing can get in his way.

Giel Op 't Veld


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As a third year student, Giel is currently busy earning his Bachelor's degree. All is going well and always has, but before satori he was looking for something to enrich his years in college. However, he was afraid that organizing a study tour would be too time consuming to combine with a full-time study. He decided to take the plunge and has not regretted it since. The satori study tour has motivated him in such a way that he thrives to put in the same level of commitment and effort as he puts into his education. A year ago, he was thinking of going to Japan on his own, but that could not have been as exciting and rewarding as organizing this. Not by a long shot.

Mike Wilmer


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Mike is very fond of learning and fresh experiences, starting very enthusiastically to find out some things cannot be done alone. That is why he appreciates being in such a dedicated committee organizing an ambitious study tour. Having been to Japan in the summer of 2008, Mike has already seen the country as a tourist. He promised himself he would return and is glad to be able to do so as a member of the study tour committee. He is very excited to be able to get a closer look at the high level of precision in the engineering industry rarely found elsewhere in the world. As treasurer, Mike is learning to get a finer view on the financial flow necessary for substantial events like a study tour and is going to guarantee the financial stability and overview of the tour.

Gerald Drenthen

General Member

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Gerald is a third-year Electrical Engineering student at Eindhoven University of Technology who already had a taste of Asian culture when he visited China on the contact study tour in 2009. The insight in a different culture fascinates him, and he finds it very interesting to visit large companies abroad. Now he is a member of the satori study tour committee and will visit Japan to experience yet another distant and intriguing culture.

Lieneke Kusters

General Member

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To Lieneke, taking part in the satori study tour committee as well as the tour itself is and will be a source of inspiration. She considers it a challenge to work through all the aspects of the organization, like the financing, the development of a travel program, the arrangement of excursions and so on. Setting up this journey from the very beginning to the end, together with the rest of the team, will be very rewarding. Lieneke is very curious about the Japanese culture, since it differs so much from the mores and habits so well known to her. Furthermore she wants to learn more about the latest technological developments of Japanese companies and research institutes. Last but not least, she never travelled further than Italy, so she is looking forward to participate in this great adventure.

Perry van Schaijk

General Member

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Perry is a third-year student at Eindhoven University of Technology and is Secretary of the board of the study association. Besides his study, Perry is interested in personal development. What he hopes to learn by joining the committee is to direct a group of people, for example during case studies. Also the tour itself will be very interesting for the insight it will give in culture and technology seen nowhere else.

Celine Vincent

General Member

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In spring 2009, about 30 students Electrical Engineering traveled through China for three weeks, as participants of the contact study tour. Celine had signed up to go along, but she wasn't the only one. Because many students wanted to go, there was a draw to decide who could go on this study tour. Unfortunately, Celine's name came out last. She couldn't go to China, and had to hear all the great stories from the participants after they returned. Fortunately, that wasn't the end of her dream of going abroad. She became a member of the satori study tour committee, determined to organize another study tour, this time to Japan. Together with the other members of the committee, 19 participating students and two supervisors from the Department of Electrical engineering, she will leave for Japan on February 25th 2011, and will come home with even better stories than the ones she heard after the study tour to China.

John van Weerdenburg

General Member

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When John was in China as a participant of the contact study tour he became interested in organizing next study tour. In the beginning of this academic year he started the search for students who also want to take part in a study committee. It didnít take him much time to find this group of nine to organize a study tour to Japan. As a general member John is responsible for the publications. Besides his activities for the satori, John fulfills the position of Vice-President and External Relations Officer in the board of Thor.

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