What is Satori?

Satori is a study tour organized by the student association Thor of Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven, University of Technology.

What does Satori mean?

Satori stands for Study tour Acquainting Thor with ORiental Innovation and is a Japanese Buddhist term for "enlightenment". When one has reached "satori", he is in a state of deeper understanding. Satori has a deep and positive meaning in Japanese culture and reflects what we thrive to achieve with our project.

What is the theme of the study tour?

The theme of the tour is "sustainability and innovation". The world is currently dealing with many issues such as global temperature changes and rising energy prices. Sustainability is therefore a much debated topic. In the past, global warming was not yet an issue and technology for a green world did not exist. Innovation is now needed to make our world green again.

What is Thor?

The e.t.s.v. Thor is the student association of the department of Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven, University of Technology. Thor was founded in 1957, in the same year as the university itself. Thor organizes activities that bring students in direct contact with the engineering industry. In this capacity, Thor regularly organizes study tours to give the students an insight into the international electrical engineering industry. In early 2009, there was a successful trip to China and past study tours have included destinations such as Scandinavia, the Czech Republic and South Africa.

Where will the Satori study tour go to?

Japan is our destination and to be more exact, we plan to visit the cities of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Thanks to Japanís excellent public transport system, we will also be able to visit companies in the area surrounding those locations.

Why Japan?

Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world and is using its strengths to better the world. To be able to cooperate with our Japanese colleagues, we need to understand their distinct and unique business culture. By visiting companies that create green solutions, we hope to learn about their corporate ways and their ideas to better the world. In addition to that, we will catch a glimpse of what we are trying to preserve: culture and nature. We will make time for some of the more rudimentary culture traits, during a number of cultural excursions.
We want to experience the atmosphere of Japanese business, and discover the difference between their work characteristics and ours. The Japanese culture in general is unique, making Japan the ideal location for our Study Tour.

What is the goal?

We want to acquaint participants and ourselves with the unique Japanese business culture. Japan has been and will always be a pioneering nation in our field of work. Therefore it is very likely that Electrical Engineering students will come in touch with Japanese companies and research or that they will visit Japan in their future careers.

When will this study tour take place?

The satori study tour is planned for spring 2011. We leave on February 23th and return on March 17th.

Who will participate?

The study tour is meant for bachelor and master students of Electrical Engineering who are a member of the student association Thor. We will go with 32 people, i.e. 22 students, 8 members of the organizing committee and 2 guides from the Department of Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven, University of Technology.

How can my company be a part of Satori?

You can support us either by becoming a sponsor or by providing us with a case study. To help fund our project, we let participants work on case studies provided by companies before the tour takes place. Also, we are looking for companies that will receive us on a technical excursion in Japan. For more information about sponsor options, please contact us.

How can I receive updates?

You can receive news updates through our RSS feed. The feed can be found here. You can add this feed to your favourite rss reader, e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

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